Baltic amber for teething were used to relieve teeth germination pain for babies from ancient times to this day.

But let’s start from the beginning, what happens when milk teeth start to germinate and can genuine amber help with the teething pain?

Usually, the first milk teeth germinate for about 5–7-month-old baby. Sometimes, the first teeth can start to germinate earlier, for example, 3 months earlier or much later, right before the first birthday. From the moment when first teeth start to germinate, about 60% of babies experience pain caused by the growth of tooth. This period is very different for each baby. For some, teeth germination can go away without any symptoms, for others it may cause a lot of pain, tears, restlessness, and irritation that can last for several months. Majority of the parents want to alleviate the pain caused by teeth growth and as a result, they are looking for the most natural and baby-friendly remedies that are possible.

In order to sooth the pain caused by tooth germination, amber teething necklaces have been used for millennia.

Not only it is 100% natural, but it is also safe to use and environment friendly. 

So, how does Baltic amber work for teething? Baltic amber jewelry 4

It was found that when in contact with the baby’s skin, friction, and body heat, amber releases succinic acid which helps to relieve pain. Furthermore, Russian scientists revealed that natural amber positively impacts our inner organs and their functions, amber acid helps to fight various diseases and viruses, stimulates blood circulation, and reduces pain. Moreover, genuine amber has a positive impact not only on baby’s physical body, but also on their mental health. German psychologists believe that genuine Baltic amber have a very positive effect on human beings’ mental states and energy levels. They found out that natural amber promotes self-defense instincts and calms people’s mind, promotes serenity and inner peace, can even help with fatigue.

So, it is obvious that Baltic amber teething necklaces or Baltic amber teething bracelets might not only relieve the pain caused by tooth germination for babies, but it also might improve their sleep, provide serenity and calm mood, as well as strengthen the immune system and protect them from various viruses and colds.

Genuine Baltic amber teething necklace – traditional gift for a newborn baby?

In Germany, France, Italy, and other European countries it is a very common tradition to give a genuine Baltic amber teething necklace to a newborn baby. Parents and grandparents also buy amber teething necklaces and bracelets for children who start attending kindergarten to protect their offspring from various viruses. Babies and children often develop a neck wrinkle that accumulates acidic sweat, leading to minor acne and redness. The Baltic amber necklace absorbs this sweat and improves the condition of the child’s sensitive skin.

Some sources suggest that even in ancient Prussia people believed that genuine amber necklaces can protect nannies and their babies from various infectious diseases and bacteria, nannies were encouraged to wear genuine amber necklaces to protect themselves and the babies they were taking care of.

We can see that the positive effects of genuine amber were appreciated since ancient times, later on, genuine amber was examined by various scientists relieving its’ scientifically proven positive features on human bodies and mental states.

By using Baltic amber for teething, you will help you baby during teeth germination period, furthermore, you will protect him from viruses and boost his immune system. What can be better? All natural and safe!

How to choose the right amber teething necklace for your baby?

Baltic amber for teething might be worn as teething necklaces or teething bracelets. To choose the right amber teething necklace or amber teething bracelet for your baby, you need to consider 4 main criteria:

  • the origin of the amber,
  • the shape of the amber beads,
  • the type of clasp and safety standards,
  • and the length of teething necklace.

I. The origin or the amber

Teething necklaces for the baby must be made only from genuine Baltic amber. Please, keep in mind that genuine amber is safe for your baby and for our environment.

II. The shape of the amber beads

When choosing an amber teething necklace for your baby you can choose from 5 beads shapes:

  • Round beads – are ideal balls. This type of beads is the most expensive because it requires high quality polishing.
  • Baroque beads – are the most common type of beads. The shape is almost round while maintaining a beautiful natural and unique look. Baroque beads are especially gentle on the sensitive skin of babies.
  • Oval beads – modern beads, similar in shape to olive or bean. Oval beads are very light and fit nicely on the baby’s neck.
  • Chips beads – are natural beads that are the easiest to make, so they are the cheapest.
  • Mixed beads – teething necklace can be made of several mixed beads shapes. Baltic amber beads can be mixed with other stones: rose quartz, amethyst, agate, turquoise, pearls, etc.

These types of pearls can be polished or unpolished (raw). Polished beads are shiny and unpolished (raw) are more matte. Although necklaces differ in their appearance and colors, their pain-relieving and other positive effects are the same.

III. The type of clasp and safety standards

When choosing a necklace clasp, it is important to remember that the clasp should not be made out of metal, as it might cause allergies for the baby.

Baltic amber teething necklaces are considered safe for babies and children.

The safety of the teething necklace for babies is ensured by a secure certified pop clasp. It must comply with standard EN71-1. The pop clasp opens automatically when the necklace is pulled harder.

Another important security requirement is the node between each bead. If the amber necklace breaks, beads will not fall out thanks to the safety node between each strung bead.

If parents fear safety, instead of a teething necklace an amber bracelet can be worn.

IV. The length of teething necklace

The standard length of the amber teething necklace is 33 cm (13 inches).

Additional information

A baby can wear an amber necklace from the age of 3 months and only with adult supervision.

The teething necklace should touch the skin. However, under no circumstances should a baby be allowed to chew amber necklaces or bracelets or put them in their mouths. It is recommended to remove the teething necklace before bathing, so they could serve longer. It is necessary to occasionally check the necklace thread.

Amber necklaces can be worn for up to 7 years and even longer.

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