In these days technologies are so improved that with the help of scientists humans can create synthetic stones that look very similarly to the genuine ones. The price of fake stones is usually the same as a natural ones and quite often a seller suggests that the stone is genuine and natural.

Why it is important to understand if amber is real?

Baltic amber wholesale 2We noticed that many buyers not only cannot distinguish the genuine amber and the
synthetic one, but they also have no idea that the synthetic amber does not provide
the positive effects that the genuine one does. Yes, the artificial amber might look very similar to the genuine one, and it might be used as a stylish detail, but it will never be as safe as genuine Baltic amber and it will never provide the positive effects on your health that the genuine amber stone will. Artificial amber is usually made out of glass, fenolic resins, celluloid, casein, modern plastic or copal.

So, let’s begin from the most important question, what is genuine amber and what is amber made of?

Amber origins are related to trees and wood, genuine Baltic amber develops from fossilized tree resign. Genuine Baltic amber formatted tens of millions of years back and is found to this day in the regions of Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belorussia, Russia and United Kingdom.

Baltic amber color varies from very light milky yellow to dark deep brown, sometimes it may look almost black. In some cases, remains or flora or fauna might be found in amber stones, such stones are called inclusions. Inclusions are usually transparent and the remains of trapped organisms can be easily seen. Every inclusion is different, mosquitos, insects, spiders, feathers, hairs or small flowers can be found trapped into amber and frozen in time forever. Another important feature of genuine amber is smell, so, how does amber smell like? Most often amber spreads smell only when is heated. Its’ smell is very earthy, rich and warm, reminds the pine-tree resins odor.

So, how can you tell if amber is real?

Now when you know so many things about Baltic amber from its’ origins to appearance and meaning, we would like to introduce to you 6 different tactics and ways how you can tell if the amber stone is genuine or not:

1.The easiest way to check if the amber is real to rub hard a piece of amber into any woolen garment. Rubbing real amber heats up and attracts small torn pieces of paper.

2.Pour 1-2 tablespoons of table salt into a glass of water and stir. When the salt dissolves throw the pieces of amber into the water. Real amber will rise to the surface and not sink, and the plastic will sink to the bottom.

3.The surface of the available piece of amber should be rubbed with some alcoholic solution: vodka, perfume or cologne. If it is real amber nothing will happen to it. If rosin or young resin brought from other parts of the world, then the alcohol-soaked napkin will immediately stick to that piece and begin to melt.

4.When ignited, real amber burns in a very dark flame and lets in dark smoke, as well as smells of resin, and the plastic begins to melt.

5.Under ultraviolet light, amber glows a whitish-blue colour.

6.Companies, laboratories and special equipment with many years of experience can also check if amber is real.

Genuine Baltic amber jewelry

Genuine Baltic amber was used in jewelry for many years. Genuine Baltic amber jewelry looks authentic and unique and also have many positive effects on human body and mind.

Baltic amber wholesale 13

Baltic amber jewelry is popular all around the world and can be bought in many different shops, but before buying you should always check whether the seller is reliable and if the sold amber is natural and genuine.

It is believed that Baltic amber carries a meaning. As other stones, amber meaning is related to spiritual properties. It is said that amber cleanses your body and mind, it brings wisdom, balance, and patience.

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