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Amber Heart, how it started?

When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the beauty of the Baltic Sea. I used to walk by the seaside and search for the little yellow stones called Baltic amber. My grandparents told me that Baltic amber formed 50 million years ago, naturally from fossilized cone-bearing seed plants resigns. Furthermore, I learned that it is the only warm stone and that it has many healing properties.

Do amber teething necklaces work?

Many years have passed, and I forgot about this unique stone… I got my university degree, started a family, and then in 2010 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. When her first teeth started to germinate, a real nightmare has begun – sleepless nights, incessant crying. I needed to do something, I start searching for natural remedies and once again remembered Baltic amber stone. This is how our family welcomed very first amber stones jewelry. I have to admit, Baltic amber helped us tremendously. My daughter became a lot calmer.

Later, I fell in love with amber myself and started wearing various Baltic amber jewelry accessories as well as give them to others. I decided to create an opportunity for others to buy genuine Baltic amber. This is how Amber Heart brand was born.

I was amazed how such a simple, beautiful, and natural stone can help our little ones to feel better. I learned that genuine Baltic amber eases pain, helps with sleep and fatigue, gives serenity, and protects from viruses. Isn’t that amazing?

Mission of Amber Heart

Amber Heart company’s mission is to spread the message and create an opportunity for others to learn about this amazing natural stone that symbolizes beauty and health.

Amber Heart – from love for Baltic amber stone, from love for nature and family.
Because with every genuine Baltic amber jewelry piece you will get a piece of nature.

Discover our exclusive collection of natural Baltic Amber and choose amber products that suits your company best. Also keep in mind that it doesn’t matter where your company is located at, we ship amber products worldwide.

Amber Heart – Baltic amber wholesale since 2011.

With love,
Amber Heart owner Dovilė

Amber products

Amber Products

Why amber heart?

Amber Heart customers value us for fast and prompt cooperation, high quality amber products and fast delivery of goods. We guarantee:

  • The best price.
  • All our products are handmade of the highest quality genuine Baltic Amber.
  • The secure clasp for baby necklaces and bracelets.
  • The non-metallic clasp to avoid allergy.
  • Security node between each amber bead for baby necklace and bracelet.
  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • Quick and worlwide delivery.

Looking for a reliable business partner? Any questions to ask? We are always happy to help you to choose the most suitable products.

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