Baltic amber benefits are known all over the world, as a natural remedy amber was used from the ancient times. It is known that Romans used Baltic amber and Baltic succinic acid in medicine. The famous doctor Kalistrat of the time wrote that Baltic amber stone can cure ears and eyes diseases and if drunk with water it can treat stomach problems. People believed that Baltic amber stone can not only protect their physical bodies, but it also protects from an evil eye spell.

After many years of amber examination and various scientific researches it was proven that it is true that Baltic amber has many benefits on human health.

Genuine Baltic amber is used to relieve teeth germination pain for babies. Cold, asthma, thyroid and heart ailments are treated with Baltic amber necklaces. Baltic amber bracelets can be used in order to relieve arthritis caused pains, joints pains or acne.

What makes Baltic amber such a beneficial stone?

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It was found that Baltic amber is an organic mineral consisting of 79% C carbon, 10.5% O oxygen, and 10.5% H hydrogen and it contains very valuable succinic acid (from 3 to 8%). When genuine amber stone contacts with body heat (36.6 °C/97.88 °F), succinic acid begins to evaporate and we start to feel amber’s positive effects on our health. Baltic amber benefits that a person can experience are boosted immune system, pain relief, better sleep, disappeared fatigue, lower blood pressure and many other.

Another way how amber can be used is when natural pieces of Baltic amber are crushed into a powder. In this way, amber can be used in cosmetics, for example, moisturizing creams, mineral foundations. Natural amber brightens the skin, nourishes it, moreover, natural Baltic amber powder promotes skin cell renewal, helps restore skin elasticity and firmness.

Furthermore, sometimes amber can be used in drinks. Amber water or amber tea improves the digestive system, cleanses the liver, and regulates blood pressure. So many different benefits from one stone!

Natural amber is obviously very beneficial for our physical bodies, but it is also important to mention that it influences our mental states too. For example, amber can help with depression and stress, it calms our minds and helps to find serenity in fast-changing world. Amber sweeps out all of your negative energy and you start to feel happy and energized again.

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In order to experience all the Baltic amber benefits, you need to use it right. We believe that the best way to do that is by wearing amber jewelry. By wearing genuine Baltic amber jewelry, you will kill two birds with one stone. Why?

First of all, majority of the time jewelry touches our skin, thus amber heats up and starts to spread succinic acid, we start to experience Baltic amber benefits.

Secondly, amber jewelry looks amazing! It’s authentic, unique, natural, safe, timeless and also looks stylish.

Baltic amber jewelry – beloved from baby to seniors?

Baltic amber as a stone is beloved and used from babies to seniors.

Let’s begin from the youngest ones. Most parents adore Teething necklaces or Teething bracelets for their babies during teeth germination period. Genuine Baltic amber relieves pain caused by teething, calms a baby and even improves the sleep.

Furthermore, parents can give their children amber necklaces or amber bracelets in order to protect them from various viruses and colds.

Adults can choose any jewelry with amber that they like, it will be a nice detail to their outfit as well as will protect from viruses, boost immune system, help with stress and fatigue. Amber necklaces and amber bracelets for adults – one of the most popular choice for presents ideas too.

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Seniors also love wearing amber as a nice outfit detail, but it is important to mention that Baltic amber necklace treats colds, asthma, thyroid and heart ailments. Amber bracelets for arthritis were used for many years. Amber stone eases pain, relaxes muscles and joints. It also can help with blood pressure.

To conclude, there are many benefits of having Baltic amber stone nearby and wearing Baltic amber jewelry is one of the most beloved forms to have it. 

Baltic amber not only has positive influence on humans’ bodies and minds, but as a jewelry looks nice and authentic too, each piece lasts for many years.

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