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Welcome to Amber Heart,

We are a wholesaler of Baltic Amber jewelry from Lithuania since 2011. Our Amber products are carefully selected and handmade from the highest quality genuine Baltic amber. Amber Heart – from love for Baltic amber stone, from love for nature and family. We offer a wide range of Baltic amber jewelry such as:

Discover our exclusive collection of natural Baltic amber and choose products that suits your company best. Also keep in mind that it doesn’t matter where your company is located at, we ship amber products worldwide.

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baltic amber wholesale

We guarantee:

  • The best price on the market.

  • All our products are handmade of the highest quality genuine Baltic amber.

  • The secure clasp for baby necklaces and baby bracelets / anklets.

  • The non-metallic clasp to avoid allergy.
  • Security node between each amber bead for baby necklace and bracelet / anklet.
  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • Quick worldwide delivery.

Amber Heart customers value us for fast and prompt cooperation, high quality amber products and fast delivery of goods.

If you are looking for a reliable business partner, please contact us. We are always happy to help you to choose the most suitable products.

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Secure pop up clasp
Security nood



Genuine Baltic amber

Genuine Baltic amber card EN

 5,15 ( 4,85 by 100)
 5,15 ( 4,85 by 100)
 5,15 ( 4,85 by 100)
 5,15 ( 4,85 by 100)

Genuine Baltic amber

Gift box


Teething bracelets & anklets

Teething bracelet anklet baroque cognac

 2,85 ( 2,65 by 100)